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Hand printed Linocut Stickers pack. 3 black and white and 1 random primary colour sticker.

$16.00 CAD

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Height: 4.5 Inches; Width: 3 Inches

Sticker Size: Height 2.75" , Length 2"
Packaging Size: Height 4.5, Length 3"

***These are linocut hand printed on vinyl stickers***

The pack comes with 3 black and white, the 3 designs and 1 random primary colour (red, blue) collectible sticker.
This will be based on pack series and each series will come with 3 new designs based on three different train/subway stations in Canada.
Designed and produced in Canada.

In order to protect the lino print from scratching a water resistant, UV protection over-laminate vinyl has been put on the sticker.

- The three stations that are included in this first series are:
Union Station, Toronto Canada
Mount Pleasant Station, Brampton Canada
Brampton Go Station, Brampton Canada

These are hand made so each have small differences.

I chose to hand print these because it adds a more creative/artistic element to it, you can also feel the print over the protective laminate which is quite satisfying. You can use these as a laptop sticker, journal sticker, a gift idea and they are collectible stickers.

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