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Composition #3

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 The design of the print is an adaptation of my oil paintings. Titled Composition #3, it's a geometrical simplified composition of union station in Toronto. The busiest station in Toronto with nearly 200, 000 people passing daily gets turned into a simple geometric frozen scene. 

 This is a woodcut print hand carved and inked using Gamblins instense black relief ink, edition of 32. Every print is hand rolled and burnished by the artist. Each print may have small unique markings due to it being hand made. Each print is also signed and numbered.

 The print is 20.5 cm x 15 cm , 8 inch x 6 inch. Paper is 25 cm x 19 cm, 9.75 inch x 7.5 inch The print is packaged in a crystal clear resealable sleeve within a rigid mailer with stiff fibreboard. 

 The prints do not include a frame, the framed picture was used as an example of what it may look like framed. 

Please take a look at my instagram for some process pictures of this print and other works. 

 The sale does not transfer the copyright of the designs/images. The artist retains all reproduction rights and copyrights. 

 Feel free to contact me with any questions!

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